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Sandman Hotel




Comfort Suits 

2016 Ice breaker Moments


2015 Okanagan Ice breaker Tournament


2017 IceBreaker Memories

IMG_7570IMG_7716  IMG_7707  IMG_7708  IMG_7704  IMG_7694  IMG_7698  IMG_7675  IMG_7645  IMG_7630  IMG_7570

2018 IceBreaker Memories

IMG_9954 IMG_9955 IMG_9956 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9959 IMG_9960 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_9939 IMG_9940 IMG_9941 IMG_9942 IMG_9943 IMG_9944 IMG_9945 IMG_9946 IMG_9947 IMG_9948 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9951 IMG_9952 IMG_9953

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